Weber NLC grinding machineMany of our business partner for stainless steel are looking for machined, ready-to-install parts. We have adapted to these demands and today we are a full featured component supplier.

To improve our flexibility and speed when answering the enquiries of our customers, we invested in our own machinery. Our competent team of experienced stainless steel workers in combination with modern machines guarantee good quality and high speed.

The products we offer range from half-finished goods to ready-to-install parts. On enquiry we can also offer machining of structural steel.

Machines in operation
Plasma cutting machine Messer Multi-Therm 4000
Multi Therm4000

Working area x/y/z: 2.500 x 8.000 mm
Tapping up to 50 mm, contour cutting up to 80 mm

Machining center Iberimex KMC 1100
KMC1100Working area x/y/z: 1.100/610/610 mm
Machining center Iberimex KMC 3000
KMC3000Working area x/y/z: 3.230/1.700/700 mm
Maximum table load: 9 to
Manual bevel gear unit
Machining center Iberimex KMC 318 SR-H
KMC318Working area x/y/z: 3.230/1.700/1.100 mm
Maximum table load: 11 to
Automatic 5° bevel gear unit
Lathe Hyundai WIA L400 MC
L400MCDiameter: 610 mm
Length: 1.180 mm
C-Axis with driven tools
Turret with 12 tool stations
Lathe Geminis GT-5
GT5Diameter: 1.200 mm
Wide belt finishing machine Weber NLC 2/2
NLC22Width: 1.100 mm
2 grinding stations
2 brushing stations