• Thin sheets

    Coils, slit strip,
            thin sheets and blanks

  • Thick plates

    Thick plates and tool steel
            from our own storehouse

  • Alloy surcharges

    Alloy surcharges for
            stainless steel sheets

INTERSTAHL offers a wide range of steel including construction steel, stainless steel and many special grades. Our product range gives you an overview of the possibilities; however we can also deliever products manufactured to order.

If you have any questions about our services or product range, please contact us anytime via the contact form.

The INTERSTAHL Service GmbH & Co. KG has years of experience in trading thin sheets, coils and slit strips. We also offer the production of blanks. Construction steel is our core business, we also offer special grades, however. All materials can be delivered with multiple surfaces, for example pickled, coated or cold-rolled.

Recently we started offering to buy and resell your leftovers. This way you are able to dispose of the materials you do not need anymore quickly and easily. Maybe you can find the material you need in our special offers.

INTERSTAHL Süd GmbH is specialized on thick plates and prefabrication of stainless steel. The sheets can be delivered from our own storehouse which enables us to be extremely fast and flexible.

With our well stocked stainless steel storage it is possible to quickly manufacture simple parts. We have machines for plasma cutting, milling, drilling, grinding and cutting.