Magnelis - New anticorrosive coating

Magnelis is a newly developed coating, raising the bar for anticorrosive coatings. The coating contains Magnesium which protects the material very well against corrosion. Magnelis also has the advantages of a standard zink-coating, therefore it protects exposed cutting edges as well.

In salt spray tests the new coating achives far better results than comparable products. The more effective protection can lead to lower weight and cost reduction depending on the environment it is used in. Magnelis anticorrosive coatingThanks to the extremely hard coating the material can be deep drawn and bent normaly.

Magnelis‘ extraordinary properties are created in a normal hot-dip-galvanzing line with a bath containing Zink, Aluminum and Magnesium. It contains less Zink and is correspondingly more environmentally friendly.

Please contact us to receive more information about our offers for coils, slit-strip and sheets with Magnelis coating.

Dual phase steel and complex phase steel

Currently dual phase steel and complex phase steel are primarily used in the automotive industry; however they are just as adequate for many other industries with high requirements regarding strength and formability.

Dual phase steel has a low yield stress while maintaining hight tensile strength. This combination allows large drawing ratios making it a very good choice for stretch-formed parts. The material has a very high potential for work hardening and can be further hardened using the bake-hardening-process. Dual phase steel is perfectly suited for parts under cyclical stress that are relevant for overall product strenght. Due to its high strength dual phase steel allowes you to use less material and still maintain physical properties.

Dual phase steel mainly consists of a ferrite phase with martensitic islands as a second phase. The special microstructure is produced by alloying the steel with martensite forming elements such as manganese and silicium. Afterwards a special heat treatment process converts the steel to dual phase steel.

Complex phase steel is based on multiple phases which allow an even more exact modelling of physical properties. Complex phase steel is very well formable despite its slightly lower elasticity in comparision to dual phase steel. It is distinguished by its very high fatigue endurance  and can easily be used for crash relevant part.

Do you need dual phase steel or complex phase steel or do you have any further questions? Please contact us or call us.

Stockkeeping and production must cooperate more

Good cooperation between stockkeeping and production is increasingly important because many companies must improve productivity. According to an article in Stahlmarkt, a magazine focused on developments in the steel market, many companies are currently looking for improvement in these areas.

Stockkeeping and a quick but still flexible production are often inhibiting each other, for example when the stocks become too large and take away space that is needed for production. To prevent the negative impact caused by this, factories need individually optimized concepts for logistics that do not require large investments.

Thick plate on craneINTERSTAHL offers some services that can help in these cases. We offer to keep your stock ready on demand and deliver it to you just-in-time as you request it. This allows you to focus on the things that are most important to you, the production. Also you decrease the risk of having leftover material lying around because you only pay us after we have deliverd the material.

If you have any leftover material from production changes, manufacturing errors or slow-movers, INTERSTAHL Service GmbH & Co. KG offers to buy them. This keeps your stocks clean and opens up space for new production series. You won't have to worry about leftover material again.

If you have any questions regarding our services, please contact us or call us directly.

INTERSTAHL connects to social networks

INTERSTAHL has recently added pages to some social networks. We now have sites on Facebook, Google Plus and Youtube. On these pages you can find the most important information about us. The main purpose of these pages, however is to keep you informed about our current offers.

INTERSTAHL connects to social media

If you subscribe to our channels you will receive new special stock lists. These are often availble only for short periods of time. With our social pages you will always be up to date about these offers

In addition to this we will inform you about the steel market and its developments via our website and the aforementioned social sites. We are planning to write about general topics as well as the position of INTERSTAHL on the market.

Feel free to look around on our website and on our social pages to get the latest updates.

INTERSTAHL invests in mechanical processing

Starting in February 2013 we will offer full mechanical processing for stainless steel products.

Plasma cutting machineWe are investing in machines and facilities to be able to deliver anything from plasma cuts to finished parts. Our machines are all new and our very competent employees will be able to manufacture parts in great quality while our large stock of stainless steel guarantees short processing times for your orders.

This is an overview of the machines we have. If you are interested in the products we can manufacture please look at our products and services page.

Overview of the machines:

  • Plasma cutter Messer Multi-Therm 4000
  • Turning machine GEMINIS GT-5, Umlaufdurchmesser 1.200mm
  • Machining centre Iberimex KMC 1100, 1.100 x 610 x 610 (X/Y/Z)
  • Machining centre Iberimex KMC 3000, 3.000 x 1.700 x 900 (X/Y/Z)
  • Wide belt finishing machine Weber NLC 2/2 -1100 mm
  • Tapping machine GAMOR RHG-2

We can prefabricate the following parts: flanges, tube sheets, blanks, stairs, slider plates, frames and other parts based on your drawings.

We are extending our storehouse

You can now view the building progress of our new office building and the extension of our storehouse in Donzdorf.

After the first storehouse was finished in 2011 it was very well received. This lead to the decision to expand the storage capacities with an additional warehouse. In the same process we will also move the office building within Donzdorf to the new location.

With the new warehouse we also hope to be able to supply you with new products which will be announced later.

Again we are providing pictures of the building progress.