See our machining facilities in our new image video

Our new image video shows some of the services offered by INTERSTAHL Süd. In addition to selling thick plates INTERSTAHL Süd offers machining services. These include turning, milling, drilling and plasma cutting. 

New page: Special offers

Newly you can view our special stocks under the tab “products and services”. Here we offer competitive Items of different materials, qualities and sizes.Special offer coils in stock

This material is taken from surplus production, returns, coils of low weight, strips, cuts and leftover stock.

The listed items are usually limited but you can often find what you need and we can typically offer very good quotes. Please feel free to print these lists and mark the positions you are interested in to request a quote.

The stocks are available for pickup or delivery. If you wish we can store everything until you would like to access it.

New product range online

We completely reworked our online product range to give you a faster overview of our abilities. The product range now contains more grades and much more information. We can also deliver many grades that are not listed. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Flanges and dome covers

Our product range contains sheets, coils, slit strip and plates. We offer structural steel and stainless steel. Some of the grades include pressure trank steel, high-strength steel, Stainless, acid and heat-resistant steel, heat-resistant steel and high-manganese steel.

We also offer machining and cutting of stainless steel.

Often we have special stock lists that we make accessible online. These lists usually include declassified material which is often still in a very good condition. Please take some time to look through the lists, maybe you can find what you need there. If you are interested we can also send you these lists by email.


Lightweight designs with steel

Steel is a very versatile material and especially high-tensile steel and innovative steel grades in combination with modern manufacturing methods offer considerable potential for lightweight designs. Steel unites this potential with other advantageous characteristics such as low production costs and very good recyclability. This offers new possibilities for many industries that are working with steel; one of them being the automotive industry.

The automotive industry is currently experimenting with different materials to reduce the weight of cars to meet the ever stricter regulations on fuel consumption and CO2 emission. According to a report from the Steel-Information-Center the CP Autosport GmbH has developed a new hollow drive shaft in combination with special welding techniques to replaces the standard solid shafts.

This development is also reflected by recent developments of the steel producers. Salzgitter is offering its HSD Steel which combined a tensile strength of 1000 MPa with very high ductility. To make it even more suitable for lightweight designs they also managed to reduced the density by 5%. ArcelorMittal has also established a new steel greade which allows a weight reduction of more than 30% for specific car parts.

Company Portrait of INTERSTAHL

In the june issue of Focus Rostfrei you will find a portrait of INTERSTAHL.

Firmenportrait Focus Rostfrei

The product range of INTERSTAHL gives an impression of the facination offered by steel as the most important industrial material. INTERSTAHL offers everything from thin sheets to thick plates as coils, slit strip or blanks in steel or stainless steel. Even special grade steels can be found in the product range. The wide assortment of plates and sheets has been developed in constant contact with customers and business partners to achieve high flexibility. Continuous investments have made it possible to make the acquisition of steel as simple as possible. The most current step towards this goal was the construction of 3000m2 storage capacity and the investment in full mechanical processing.

In the arcticle you will also find many pictures and more details. The article is only available in German and can be opened by clicking the picture.

Hannover Messe 2013

During our visit to the Hannover Trade Show we were able to gain an impression of the current developments in the industry. As a steel trader we were specifically interested in ferrous materials as well as their producers and manufacturers. Despite that we also saw interesting developments in other sectors.

The current development is quickly moving towards new materials with improved properties, still many new fields of application are discovered for existing materials and manufacturing processes. The casting material Sibodur for example allows smaller structures that are more stable than a normal cast structure would be.

Many compound materials offer lightweight solutions with high stability. Cardboard for example can be used to produce furniture. These pieces of furniture are extremely light but very stable nonetheless. For many applications plastic and alternative materials are a great substitution for existing materials. Many properties of steel such as the recyclability, however are still unbeaten.