New product: deep hole drilling

Complex workpieces often require drilled holes with a high ratio of depth to diameter. Producing such holes requires very high precision manufacturing process since small angular deviations can lead to large deviations from the drilling path and non-compliance with tolerance limits.

Deep holes can be drilled on standard CNC milling machines or lathes; however, there are also specialized deep hole drilling machines. Drilling deep holes on standard machines requires special precautions to guarantee a straight drilling path. A centre bore precedes a pilot hole that is drilled with a slightly larger diameter than the final hole and should have a depth of approximately 3xD (diameter). Afterwards a deep hole drill is used to drill the final hole. A special deep drilling machine does not require these additional steps because the drill is supported by a steady rest and centred by a drill bush.

We at INTERSTAHL have recently extended our product spectrum to include deep hole drilling. We are looking forward to your quotation requests.

TRIP (Transformation Induced Plasticity) Steel

TRIP is a group of low alloy steels with high tensile strength und ductility. TRIPS steel has a triple-phase microstructure consisting of ferrite, bainite and retained austenite. This is achieved using specific alloys and a specialized heat treatment process during manufacturing. The metastable retained austenite is stabilized up to room temperature by the aggregation of carbon during heat treatment.

Cold forming of TRIP steel induces a martensitic transformation of the retained austenite. This transformation improves work hardening and allows for very high deformation degrees. Therefore TRIP steel is especially suitable for complex parts and allows more freedom for the engineers to use the full capacity of the material. The yield strength of TRIP steel is between 340 and 590 MPa.

Steel prices in France starting to recover

According to a report from MEPS steel prices in France are starting to recover. Sales figures for hot rolled coils increased significantly and demand for coated coils also rose. Some users even had to source material from China which is very expensive due to punitive tariffs.

The price increases affected almost every sector; however, they were mainly caused by low inventories. The activity of most users remained low.

New superalloys can compete with titanium

Pouring titanium slagMany construction engineers have long been dreaming of a cheap material with a similar weight to strength ratio as titanium. Last year a Korean team of materials scientists made a breakthrough discovery concerning steel-aluminum alloys. These alloys have the potential to reach very high strength to weight ratios.

Current aluminum alloys also offer very high strength, however they are also very brittle. This is because aluminum and iron form very hard B2 crystals. The research team found a way to disperse these crystals such that they are surrounded by softer material. This allowed them to create a very strong, ductile material which could possibly be used in the automobile and aircraft industries.

Steel Production in Germany Declining

The Wirtschaftsvereinigung Stahl published data stating that Steel production in Germany declined by approximately 2% during the first quarter of 2015. After an increase in production in january, a decline in March by 4.4% caused the overall reduction during the first quarter. The european steel industry is currently struggling with low prices due to an excess supply of steel products.

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