Currently dual phase steel and complex phase steel are primarily used in the automotive industry; however they are just as adequate for many other industries with high requirements regarding strength and formability.

Dual phase steel has a low yield stress while maintaining hight tensile strength. This combination allows large drawing ratios making it a very good choice for stretch-formed parts. The material has a very high potential for work hardening and can be further hardened using the bake-hardening-process. Dual phase steel is perfectly suited for parts under cyclical stress that are relevant for overall product strenght. Due to its high strength dual phase steel allowes you to use less material and still maintain physical properties.

Dual phase steel mainly consists of a ferrite phase with martensitic islands as a second phase. The special microstructure is produced by alloying the steel with martensite forming elements such as manganese and silicium. Afterwards a special heat treatment process converts the steel to dual phase steel.

Complex phase steel is based on multiple phases which allow an even more exact modelling of physical properties. Complex phase steel is very well formable despite its slightly lower elasticity in comparision to dual phase steel. It is distinguished by its very high fatigue endurance  and can easily be used for crash relevant part.

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