INTERSTAHL Süd GmbH has its office in Donzdorf/Göppingen. We have always had a philosophy which intelligently combines storeholding with trading. One of the most important parts of this concept is our highly competent staff who are qualified to answer any question regarding steel.

High quality materials are the daily business for INTERSTAHl Süd which makes it an important trading partner on the steel market.

To improve our concept of storeholding, we have recently invested in our own storehouse which stores mainly high value materials, for example thick plates with grades in the areas of pressure tank steel, high tensile steel, case-hardening steel, fine-grained construction steel, hardenend steel, tool steel and stainless steel.

The market also demands the ability to prefabricate specific parts, which we fulfill with our own machines. Mechanical processing, turning, milling, drilling and grinding have become very important for us and for our customers.

Our leitmotiv for positive development is building on our expertise in steel and stainless steel.