Our mission

Our main goal is to support our wide array of customers. We recognize the challenges in quickly changing markets and are always looking for adequate solutions for our business partners. To allow this partnership to thrive in the long term we base our work on fairness, trust and kindness.

About us

CEOs of INTERSTAHLThe basis for our services is the continued extension of knowledge about the products we trade.  You will find us to be very knowledgeable about the steel industry and the material itself.

Our service consists of two parts: warehouse management and trading. This enables us to respond quickly to common enquiries but keeps the flexibility to deliver anything you ask for.

Our business partners and customers expect flexibility and high quality with fast response times. All of these are essential for international success. This is where we come in to offer our abilities and experiences in analyzing demands and creating specific concepts for each of our customers.

INTERSTAHL is able to create logistic and financial spaces to make your business more flexible and successful. Well consideres stockkeeping enables us to deliver "just in time"!

We also work together closely with various steel producers to cover even the most special requests you can think of. Our two new storehouses with about 3000 m2 of storage area for thick  steel plates and stainless steel and many machines for prefabrication of parts allow us to continue our philosophy even more thoroughly.

High quality materials are our daily business which makes us one of the best steel trades on the market.

INTERSTAHL Service GmbH & Co. KG

We offer thin sheets, special grades and dimensions and we can manage your surplus materials.

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Offers high quality materials in thick plates and mechanical processing.

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INTERSTAHL - Your trusted partner in steel.